Lambang Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia
Lambang Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia
News / Thursday, August 20, 2020 09:47 / pepy nofriandi



Jakarta – Public Relations: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Dr. H. M. Syarifuddin, SH., MH, leads the ceremony of commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s Supreme Court, on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, in front of the Supreme Court building, Jakarta.

Amid Covid-19, the commemoration held differently with the previous years. This year the commemoration held in limited and implemented strict health protocols.

Chief Justice Syarifuddin says that the 75th anniversary of the Supreme Court must be momentum for us to sustain and optimize judiciary modern programs that had been planned since 2018. “Covid-19 pandemic is health issues and safety of human lives that are affected with all aspects in life, including in law and justice enforcement aspect. According to that, the Supreme Court responds the pandemic with the safety of human life as highest law with issuing the Circular of Supreme Court Number 1 of 2020 on Guidelines for Implementing Tasks During the Prevention of the Spread of Covid-19 within the Supreme Court and its subordinate judicial bodies,” says Syarifuddin.

The Supreme Court must make sure that the health and safety of judges and all apparatus that in line with the judiciary process are maintained and guaranteed.

Syarifuddin adds that this momentum is the right time to maximize technology to be used for the judicial enforcer. The foundation has been laid by the Supreme Court in 2018 through the administration of cases in electronic court (e-court), continued by next jump in 2019 with electronic litigation (e-litigation) which giving benefits for the judiciary in facing times of crisis.

In the 75th celebration, the Supreme Court also continues to optimize service as evidence by launching the newest case decision directory, and on this anniversary the Supreme Court also gives “The 2020  Supreme Court Award”. An appreciation of the Supreme Court on e-Court service and small claim court by General Court, Religious Court, and Administrative Court in all over Indonesia.

The Supreme Court cooperates with the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Hukum Online sites have conducted an assessment of the quality of judicial services in these two categories and the results of the assessment by the team that has been formed will be officially announced today.

At the end of his remarks, Chief Justice Syarifuddin urges all judicial apparatus to be gathered with all Indonesian community elements to realize Developed Indonesia with a maximal contribution through a role that we serve in the judiciary. "Modernization that we were created for the judiciary is the concrete evidence for the face of the Indonesian rule of law in the current era of information technology," Syarifuddin says.

The ceremony of commemoration of 75th Supreme Court Anniversary also attended by Vice Chief Justice for Non-Judicial Matters, the Chairmans of Chambers, the Registrar, the Secretary, and Dharmayukti Karini of the Supreme Court (RS/HAA/PN) (Translator:azh/Editor:RS)